Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mary Margaret Neatherlin Howell

Mary Margaret Neatherlin Howell
Born: in Weed, New Mexico to James Franklin Neatherlin and Emma McDonold.
Died: 05 May 1952 in Clayton, New Mexico.
Spouse: James Howell, married on Feb. 24, 1921 in Clayton, New Mexico. Marriage license front and back.
Buried: Clayton cemetery in Clayton, New Mexico along with her husband and three of her sons.

Lewis Warren Neatherlin

Lewis Warren Neatherlin was one of three cattle drive bosses working for famed lawman (and first cousin) John Horton Slaughter. During the 1880s, Neatherlin and his brother James Mabry Neatherlin helped establish the Western Trail, a cattle drive roughly 100 miles west of the Chisholm Trail. Slaughter became sheriff of Tombstone, Arizona after Wyatt Earp. The mother of Lewis Warren and James Mabry Neatherlin was Elizabeth Mabry Neatherlin; her sister Susan Minerva Mabry Slaughter was the mother of John Horton Slaughter.

Lewis Warren Neatherlin's diary is available on the bibliography page. Photos are posted on the photos page.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Neatherlin family history

Since the 1700s, the Neatherlins have helped shape the history of the United States. Our family's history is American history. Our story is one family's heritage. Our ancestors were famous lawmen, legendary cattle drive bosses, rowdy cowboys, and strong pioneer women of the Old West. Our ancestors include civic leaders, politicians, miners, and an outlaw or two.

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